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The Advanced IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a feature that allows a computer greeting system to receive incoming calls and directs them to the appropriate department or extension. Using IVR Solutions you can automate common customer interactions. Also, customers can easily access the information they require even after the normal office hours when your agents are not available. It handles 100% of calls 24/7, reduces waiting time to zero and offers predefined answers to the most common requests. The caller simply navigates the customized menu through the use of voice and the telephone keypad.

Basic Features

Use Cases


IVR Automated interactive voice response, IVR is commonly used in health sector for patients regarding medical appointments and related information. And so many surveys shown that IVR calls are equal Effective as live calls.


An emergency is an unexpected and serious situation such as an accident, which must be dealt with quickly. By Using, an IVR system can be a force multiplier for an emergency response center, providing more information to more callers in less time. A standard message can be delivered, minimizing confusing instructions.


One of the most innovative and adaptable functions of technology in the hospitality industry is the Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, system. The IVR solution can do productive work at the same time IVR can answer all question of the customer queries.


The travel agency always have to ensure that each customer is getting their information regarding time, tickets and others. In such circumstances an IVR solution can be of extremely important . A company advantage a plenty of benefits using the IVR solution.

Real Estate

It is difficult to finding a new house. The real estate sector is obviously the most insecure and filled, which raise the reference of adapting to IVR solutions even more.

Air Lines

When a traveler can’t find answers online or need support to work through complex matters, the IVR system can be a very important Channel.


Interactive voice response (IVR) an important channel in this sector. By IVR customers can get information about their product Courier service.

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